Drew Rouse Band


Drew Rouse is a fiercely independent writer and musician who has recorded six low-fi albums so far and has toured independently and extensively throughout North America and Europe. He has captivated audiences from coast to coast and across the oceans with his songs about Nature, both environmental and human nature, plus other fare. The Drew Rouse Band has a unique propensity and ability for meshing smooth rhythms and legendary guitar chops with driving and hypnotic melodies and beats around deeply relevant subjects. Drew crafts his multi-genre songs, not to perpetuate thoughtless escapism, but rather to fortify thoughtful, independent thinking with lyrics that prompt us to maintain and assert our freedoms while urging us to protect our future generations. Never preachy, the result is often described as Eco~Rawk, Indie-Rock, Art~Rock, Rock & Soul, Dream-Pop or “Conscious Soul Music”. Soulful and rocking yes, but Drew effortlessly meanders through many different styles and multiple genres of songs within each set. His sound is melodic and powerful with a heightened sensibility that keeps your mind and body moving.


03.06.2018 18:00 Adria Wien